26 August 2010

Struggles of Life

Life is a struggle for a continual survival
If we decode life systematically...
It is a complex set of chemical processes - and
The struggle is the environmental pressure:
Whichever is suitable to the environment survives

Bacteria may not feel this struggle - but
Animals with evolved brain would feel it
This struggle is programmed in their brain...
As their survival algorithms and logic...
As instincts, drives, emotions and thinking
As pain, pleasure, depression and joy

Instead of,
Whichever suitable to the environment survives,
With highly evolved thinking brain - Humans
Actively try to be suitable to the environment - and
Actively try to modify the environment to suit them
This active participation creates its own struggle
They struggle to accept the realities of life...
With high level of suffering and low level of tolerance...
They are drawn to short term reliefs and feel good beliefs
They struggle with the struggle adding further struggle