30 June 2009

Not that simple

Simple gravity that every objects obey – Yet
Look at the solar system, and
The billions of majestic galaxies;
Each consists of billions of stars...
It is not that simple!

Simple laws of thermodynamics – Yet
Look at the earth's weather conditions:
From Ice Age to Global warming;
From Hurricanes, Floods to Heat wave...
It is not that simple!

Simple laws that the universe follows – Yet
Look at its creations, with
Total chaos and amazing orders;
Predictables and Un-predictables...
It is not that simple!

Simple evolution process that life follows;
We are just survival machines – Yet
Look at our creative reach and emotional depth;
And feel the soul in our spiritual mind...
It is not that simple!

The meaning of life...
There may not be anything big – Yet
Look at the power of Love:
Its euphoria and addiction;
Its joyful pleasure and painful suffering...
Life is not that simple!