06 June 2016

Mindful Aspirations

Ignorance is the root of our suffering. Thanks to the Buddha and many other great teachers that we are no longer fully ignorant, and we have some awareness of the truths of life. Mindful aspirations are powerful way to cultivate our awareness.

Instead of stuck in the Past,
Or constantly postponing my life to the Future,
May I Wake Up Now

Instead of stuck in my Worries and Mental Stories,
Or in Day Dreaming and Fantasies,
May I Live in this moment

Instead of stuck in the cycle of Fear and Hope,
May I go beyond to be a Warrior

Instead of running away from my Pain and Heartaches
May I bring my Strength to get closer

Instead of desperately trying to Control and Fix
May I be Gentle and Graceful

Instead of struggling with Ambiguity and Uncertainty
May I Relax and Enjoy

Instead of strengthening my Resentments and Bitterness,
May I cultivate Openness and Love

Instead of being a Slave to my Desires and Addictions,
May I find my Freedom

Instead of Habitually Reacting to my Fear and Anger,
May I bring Mindful Space

Instead of Struggling with the Past and Impermanence
May I bring Acceptance of Reality

Instead of Babysitting my Boredom and Craving,
May I bring Mindfulness

Instead of Bombarded by the outside forces,
May I bring Equanimity

Instead of Losing my Heart to the outside events,
May I bring Compassion

Instead of Waiting for some outside factors,
May I Happy right now

Instead of being Miserable,
May I be Joyful

08 January 2016

Mind Paradox

This story has been told in many different ways. Here is my version of it.

Once there was an accomplished warrior. One day he traveled through a forest. As it became dark, he decided to take rest for the night. There was an old man who was also taking rest there. As they were taking rest, an angry monster appeared. The warrior was terrified and angrily fought with the monster with his full strength. Every time he was fearful, the monster grew bigger and powerful. Every time he was angry, the monster grew even bigger and powerful. The old man told the warrior to not to be afraid of the monster, instead to smile at it and even be kind to it. Every time, he fearlessly smiled at the monster, it shrank smaller and less powerful. Every time, he was kind to it, it shrank even smaller and less powerful. It became so tiny and disappeared.

The more I try to forget,
The more I remember it!
The more I resist,
The more it persists!

The more I run away,
The more it chases me!
The more I protect,
The more I fail!

The more I complain,
The more it bothers me!
The more I hold my anger,
The more it burns me down!

The more I try to fix,
The more I damage it!
The more I seek resolution,
The less I resolve it!

The more I fall for my craving,
The less I satisfy it!
The more I speed up,
The less I accomplish!