07 July 2013

Pema Says

Who we are as humans...
Who you are as a person...
Can you look at it honestly?
Can you look at it courageously?
With compassion and humor
With unconditional friendliness

Rainbow colors of life experiences...
Grief, relief; misery, joy; hurt, healing...
Can you accept every color of it?
Have room for all things to happen
Have room for not knowing
Can you stay without concretizing?
Can you stay on that brink?
In the moment of sadness
In the moment of longing
In the heartache of alienation
Can you just relax and touch...
The vastness of the human heart?
Can you be open and vulnerable?
Can you be truly courageous?

Fear is just part of being alive
Without knowing fear...
There is no fearlessness
There is no courageousness
Can you just feel it?
Can you get to know it?
Can you meet it face to face?

Pain is inevitable
Change is inevitable
Nothing is permanent
Can you fearlessly acknowledge it?
Can you learn to adapt to it?
Why do you struggle with it?
There is no choice
There is no escape
There is no hope
There is nothing to hold onto...
This mundane world is all there is!
Can you come out of your nest?
Can you grow up at last?
When there is hope, so is fear
The other side of the same coin
Hope robs the present moment...
The so precious present moment...
The only moment that matters...

Disappointment, embarrassment...
Irritation, resentment...
Anger, aggression...
Insecurity, jealousy...
Loneliness, fear...
These are our teaching moments
Where we reach our limits...
Where we about to die and born again...
Where a new beginning is possible...
We don't have anything to lose,
But just being programmed...
In our guts to feel otherwise!
Don't be afraid...
Can you catch those moments gently?
Can you let them go compassionately?
Again and again, and again
To come back to the freshness of the present
To sow seeds of wakefulness in our unconscious
To stop the claustrophobic world as we know
To put down centuries of our baggage
To step into a new territory, a new world...
A world of no reference point
A world of interconnected souls
A world of fully awake and living

This is more or less literally Pema Chödrön's words. I've just arranged them in my style.