30 June 2009

Not that simple

Simple gravity that every objects obey – Yet
Look at the solar system, and
The billions of majestic galaxies;
Each consists of billions of stars...
It is not that simple!

Simple laws of thermodynamics – Yet
Look at the earth's weather conditions:
From Ice Age to Global warming;
From Hurricanes, Floods to Heat wave...
It is not that simple!

Simple laws that the universe follows – Yet
Look at its creations, with
Total chaos and amazing orders;
Predictables and Un-predictables...
It is not that simple!

Simple evolution process that life follows;
We are just survival machines – Yet
Look at our creative reach and emotional depth;
And feel the soul in our spiritual mind...
It is not that simple!

The meaning of life...
There may not be anything big – Yet
Look at the power of Love:
Its euphoria and addiction;
Its joyful pleasure and painful suffering...
Life is not that simple!


RajK said...

I usually look from here to there. This is for a change looking from there to here!

Gunaseelan Arokiadass said...

I wonder whether I should be thinking hard on everything around me are complex and life itself is so busy and hard. What to do to ease? I don't know if someone thinks positive, keep their spirits and aspirations high and view the world around us as "Is simple" will be good. My personal view, it depends on the kind of glasses you see thru' or view the world. Using Science, one could go on and on in to an endless loop, asking questions and answering it, but a finite human brain will go crazy. Some of the well known and age-old, proven techniques that we turn to is "GOD" or "FAITH", for answering some complex questions in life.

Anonymous said...

Very nice verses, Kamaraj, are you also a poet?! Yeah, it is not that simple, yet, it is simple! Complex and simple, disorder and order, evil and good, Faith and skepticism, atheism and godliness etc are our definitions, but for Mother Nature it's just the way things are.

It IS just the way things are.

RajK said...

Thanks Guna for your comment.

What science reveals us is the hidden simplicity in all these complexities. When I try to show this blunt simplicity, if it is especially about our fundamental life and human nature, many of my friends show some kind of resentments, that the things not that simple. Though everything is same, expect here I look in reverse direction.

It is a child's beautiful curiosity to ask what, how and why. Some people continue their quest, and many other settle with proven short cuts (PSC). Though PSC seems simple, it is actually much more complex than the complexities that it tries to explain. It seems simple, because we grow up with these ideas and digested it all along - now they are our hardcore beliefs; and we find it hard to challenge them; some go crazy.

It is my hope that however uncomfortable it may be, it is worth marching towards the actual reality. This is what allowed us to eradicate many pandemic diseases, and conquer the moon and outer space. Perhaps, it might help us to eradicate sufferings in the world; to become truly altruistic beings without any hate and war; to continue our journey beyond our earth and sun lifetime; to free us from unnecessary constrains.

Science may be (just may be) an endless quest, but definitely not endless loop; else we would be living in same old caves.

RajK said...

Thanks Anonymous for your comment. I wish you added your name.

Agree, It IS just the way things are; whether human mind can fathom it or not.

Sunil Prajapati said...

Hi Kamaraj, It's a nice poem. How things can be conflicting and how there is unity in diversity. I agree that people have fundamental wants and hardcore beliefs, and some go crazy when they come across situation not normal to them. That's how our emotional brain works but I too think it is worth marching forward to increase the global peace.


RajK said...

Thanks Sunil for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! This constant debate......glad to see you take a look from the other side:) Nothing is absolute. Life is about perspectives.

Science allows us to understand the mechanisms that underlying life/nature/universe. It is a process that provides powerful information that is, by itself, neither good nor bad. It's the way that the information is utilized/interpreted that gives it meaning and value. Thus, science is a double-edged sword. It can both create an alleviate suffering.

So, what is the ultimate truth/reality? Is there such a thing? Isn't all in our perspective. Is it "Not that simple," or is it all very simple?

Like the poem, would be nice to see more.

RajK said...

I'm glad you like it. Thanks for sharing your views.